Flu Strikes LivingSmall

Flu Strikes LivingSmall

We are all about the couch, the kleenex, the chicken soup here at LivingSmall. Thank goodness there was so much bad bad award show television this weekend. But it’s very sad, I missed the Spanish wine tasting on Saturday, that I was really looking forward to after Meg’s post on Spanish wines. But since I was all stuffy, couldn’t have tasted anything, felt dizzy, and really didn’t want to infect everyone else at the event, I stayed home. Tant pis.

In other news, nearly a year and a half after being orphaned, Patrick’s dog Raymond (named after the late great Northern Wisconsin fishing guide, Ray Kennedy) seems to have decided that I am indeed, his person. Now Ray’s lived with me since we brought him home (yowling all the way) from the breeder in southern California, but he was always Patrick’s Dog. In the last few weeks he’s started to really mellow out — he’ll climb up on the couch and instead of curling up in a tight, sad little ball on the other end of the couch, he’ll flip over on his back, legs splayed, and snore. There’s nothing quite as nice as the sound of a snoring dog beside one on the couch. Especially when you’re blowing your nose!

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  1. Soup, liquids, snoring dogs. . . hope they help you get well soon! The Spanish wines will wait.

    I’ve always been fascinated at how animals have a cycle of changing (including grieving) that is all their private own. They have an emotional intelligence greater than any science gives them credit for. . .

  2. Hope you’re feeling better! I watched a bunch of the bad Oscar pre/during/post coverage too (though flu-less). I just love the stars in their beautiful gowns and dos. I think it brings me back (for one indulgent weekend) to my Barbie doll days. Glad Raymond’s coming around. Yes, aren’t pets remarkable? I’m reading a charming memoir now, “The Parrot Who Owns Me,” by Joanna Burger, about an ornithologist’s experience with adopting a 30-year old parrot, Tiko. The book has me contemplating a parrot in my future…

  3. The Oscars were a scream — although, as always I got in trouble for talking too much — but we have a friend here, who is, as she describes herself, a Former Movie Star. And we’re watching the dead-people montage, when she pipes up with “Oh look! It’s my third husband! The one who made me a Countess!” Life is just wonderfully strange sometimes.

  4. I watched the Oscars while cleaning out my car. I said to myself “What can I do to improve the quality of my life while the movie stars blather on?” (My garage is a tuck under, so I could peer into the family room periodically while vacuuming, etc.)

    Colds, sniffles here too. Sick January, then February, now March. Sending much sympathy.

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