Random Stuff

Random Stuff

Again, sorry for the slow blogging — but I’m still being plagued by computer issues. So I sucked it up and ordered a new iBook yesterday — I don’t know what it is about Macs. I love them, I’ve been a Mac person for twenty years, but it seems like there’s a little clock that goes off inside after two years and two months, and while it’s not like the whole machine breaks down, it just slowly starts to do wonky things which necessitate hours of pointless fucking around and occasional head banging in despair. All this computer craziness has thrown off my whole carefully calibrated schedule of morning surfing, followed by a shower, followed by a dive into the memoir in an attempt to eke out another page or two, before I have to sign in and spend the rest of the day chained to my desk by the Big Corporation. For the last couple of weeks all my morning time, which is supposed to be quiet, and peaceful, and conducive to writing this Very Sad Book I think I need to write, has been taken up by wandering from room to room trying to get an internet connection, opening Utilities I didn’t even know I had and pinging IP addresses and reconfiguring things and then giving up in despair and going uptown to the local coffee shop where there’s a wiFi connection but where I have to dodge people like my former cleaning lady, who is crazy, and way too cheerful, and who used to re-arrange my things into psychotic little dioramas and who wrote letters to the editor of the local paper all through the last election saying how those of us who opposed the war should be taken into the town square and shot. Sigh.

So, of course, now that I took the credit card out of its hiding place and set back my Plan to Get Out of Debt by several months, my computer is working beautifully this morning. It’s working beautifully from a room where I haven’t had internet connectivity in weeks. I think this means it’s possessed, which is why it must go ….

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  1. I haven’t had any hardware issues (other than the logic board failure which apple fixed for free), but I’m at 2 years, 6 months and obsessed with replacing my faithful 14″ ibook with a sleek 12″ powerbook. My only complaint with my ibook is that I wish it were smaller and lighter. Not exactly the most persuasive argument for my simple living side, but my obsession just doesn’t care. I haven’t given in yet (so much money!), but I’ve got a full shopping cart saved over at apple.com that I visit at least once a day.

  2. How funny — I love my 12 inch iBook — and as much as I’d love the sleek powerbook, I cant’ justify it. I don’t do video or graphics stuff, I’m just writing a book, which really, the iBook is just fine for. I was hoping to get another year out of this little baby, but now that the new one is in the mail, I’m really looking forward to G4 instead of G3 … but every Mac laptop I’ve had, from the 180 on, has started needing excessive tweaking starting at about 2 years … and I have no patience for that … so, a new iBook. Yippee …

  3. I went through similar computer issues last year, and although at the time the expense seemed almost unwarranted, I have to say I love my new laptop so much I can’t understand even why I waited so long to fix things! (and I’m an evil Windows user, at that.)

  4. OK, I’ll weigh in, I have a Dell, and a reburbished Dell at that, that I paid $500 for from the Dell website. It has been a dream and jewel for three years. Not one problem. I work at a University and all computers are Dells. I’ve had other computers that do indeed seem to give up the ghost at a designated time, 2+years…

  5. gulp. 2 years and 2 months you say? this means that I must get busy backing up iPhoto and iTunes because I’ve got about three weeks left on the iMac.

    Enjoy the new iBook. That’s worth pulling the credit card out of retirement.

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