Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

Sorry I’ve been such a bad blogger lately — there are any number of things afoot here at LivingSmall as I attempt to make some big changes in my daily life. When it seems safe to go public, believe me, you all will be the first to know …

And so here’s a little photo of some of this year’s garden love. I’ve finally got some tomatoes — made a nice pot of sauce with the bowl you see here. Not shown in the photo are the milk crates of greens — chard, escarole, endive, kale — all of which I’m busy blanching and freezing for winter. The bowl of oyster mushrooms — they grew on the stump around the corner from my house — I’ve been poaching oyster mushrooms off that stump for a year or so, and this last batch, well, I met Phyllis, who owns the house where the stump resides. She told me her son had wanted to pull that stump out a few years back, but she told him no, people enjoy those mushrooms. And so, I spent last weekend putting up tomatoes, making pickles, freezing greens, and sauteeing off and freezing mushrooms.
This weekend it was colder, and I’m coming down with something, so all I accomplished was a re-design of the book website (keep your eyes out this week as I try to get it uploaded) and a stab at progress on the memoir. But here’s a little pic of the garden at the end of the season — in the foreground are carrots and parsley, in the middle, the tall plants are tomatoes and cucumbers, and around the edges are lots of greens, and the few scarlet runner beans I finally got to grow.

3 thoughts on “Harvest Festival

  1. The garden looks great! And, Oyster mushrooms. . . yum!! do you dry them for later or eat them as is? It’s been years since I found any, but I remember when I was a kid we’d dry them out and add them to winter stews.

  2. I actually saute them in butter and then freeze them –like you’d do with chanterelles — dried they lose their flavor, I think. And the garden has been fun this year — I’m finally figuring out what I’m doing a little bit.

  3. Thanks for posting the garden picture (and the one a while back). The triangular raised beds were a revelation to me, and if I ever do anything with my little yard, I’m going to try them.

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