Perfect Porcini

Perfect Porcini

perfect porcini Look what I found yesterday? One perfect little porcini. It was just off the trail, it’s little brown cap barely poking through the duff. We’ve had a few afternoon thunderstorms lately, and on a whim, I went up to the trail where I’ve sometimes found boletes … this was the only one I found, but look how beautiful it was. Here’s the cross section:

cross section Not one single bug. A perfect porcini. I ate it sautéed with butter and a little olive oil, with some garlic, and parsley from the garden. It was delicious. Perfect.

3 thoughts on “Perfect Porcini

  1. Ok, I am now definitely convinced!
    I can almost smell that sautéed porcini…
    This autumn I will take a course here in Brittany so that I can forage for fabulous French forest fungi

  2. Oh Mouse — you must take the fungi course, especially since I believe that in France you can take mushrooms to the local pharmacy to verify their identity. Here we’re stuck with our own abilities, field guides, and the advice of more experienced friends. That’s why I stick to species that are difficult to mess up — porcini, morels, oyster mushrooms, chanterelles …

  3. Indeed we can take our fungi finds to the pharmacie but, I know of someone who did that in Umbria and was told that every single specimen was so lethal it was a wonder the pickers hadn’t died in their boots, onlt to find out later that said ‘pharmacia’ had taken home her hoard and eaten them in a risotto!
    But yes, a course is definitely on my wish list, along with a sharp knife and a pretty basket, I do like to accessorise for country activities, especially as I don’t own bags and belts and lots of shoes…

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