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  1. What a thoughtful, articulate piece.

    I live in Bend, Oregon, which is facing the same sorts of pressures as Livingston — although there’s just one small golfing resort for the super-rich, thank god. So far the super-rich have avoided us, and we’re getting just the mildly wealthy… Anyway, I appreciated what you said about community, about what community really means, what it gives and what it requires of people. I’m not quite sure that people in Bend are as generous as you describe, but we can hope for it.

  2. We’ve managed to avoid the really annoying rich people so far because we don’t have any “amenities” — the ski areas are all over on the other side of Bozeman, and our endearing (and very windy) 9-hole golf course along the Yellowstone isn’t quite up to snuff. We have a lot of rich folks, and famous people, but what they’ve always liked about Livingston is that they’re treated (as much as possible) like everyone else. No one fawns at least. The thing that bugs me about this whole Ameya thing, aside from the blatant greenwashing, is that they’re specifically marketing a kind of exclusivity that is antithetical to what makes Livingston so special. Yargh. Please — what makes *them* so special? That they’re rich? Big deal …

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