First Tomatoes

tomatoes Here they are, the first tomatoes of the season. Sasha’s Altai, Prairie Fire and a couple of Galinas. The catalog copy is right — the Sasha’s Altai are delicious — I took one bite of my lunch this afternoon and thought, as I do every year, why would anyone eat a tomato out of season? I really mean it — I’d rather wait all year and eat delicious tomatoes for a few months, than eat those hard things from the store (canned tomatoes are a different matter altogether).

I didn’t really get my act together as far as basil goes — mine is only just coming in — but the summer savory is taking over the herb bed and a chopped up tomato with some salt, olive oil, summer savory and parsley on it was delicious.

3 thoughts on “First Tomatoes”

  1. Gorgeous! Your tomatoes are a couple weeks ahead of ours; it’s great to know we are officially into Tomato Season!

  2. Tomatoes, tomatoes everywhere
    It seems that the residents of the commune are involved ina dastardly plot to submerge me in a veritable avalanche of tomatoes. I love it!!!
    Yes, everything in season as nature intended

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