Snow on the Barbie …

Snow on the Barbie …

snow on the barbie Here’s what we woke up to Sunday morning — a little over two feet of new, wet, heavy snow — the dog door was drifted over, as was the front walkway.I shoveled, and luckily my neighbor with the sno-blower did my front sidewalk because this was like Midwestern snow — heavy, wet, soggy — did I mention heavy?
Usually we have fall, then winter. It’s one of the things I loved when I first moved up here — a return to four actual seasons — but this year we went from summer, to a 20 degree frost, to almost 3 feet of snow. Yikes. Dead tomato and pepper plants, hoping for the best with the brussels sprouts and cabbages and those carrots still in the ground.
And the cold weather has us all thinking of food. I walked into the liquor store (winter weather demands bourbon) and it smelled fabulous. “Oh my god,” I said. “What’s for lunch?” “Ham and beans,” replied the liquor store guy, grinning. He’d closed and renovated the family grocery store (which I missed this weekend when I just needed a couple of things and didn’t want to go across town) but he made sure to put a kitchen in. It smelled fabulous.

And then my friend Debbie called tonight with a great suggestion — the Sunday night single folks supper club — a couple of weeks a month over the winter — a rotating group of hosts — Sunday nights get a little lonely — all of us random singles gathered around a table, eating good food, gathering — which is what it’s really all about.

4 thoughts on “Snow on the Barbie …

  1. The dinner club sounds so cool. I’ve tried to get that going with some couples but it just doesn’t ever seem to fly. Which might be good, because one of our friends is allergic to onions, and I can’t cook without them.

  2. Wow… you did get a lot of snow! It snowed here on Sunday, but we didn’t get nearly the amount you did, and it’s all gone now anyhow. My poor tomatoes… it dropped way below freezing in the greenhouse so they’re goners.

    It did seem like it was a really quick transition from Summer to Winter, I agree, but at least our trees turned color first.

    I agree that the Supper Club sounds like fun. 🙂

  3. Sunday nights *are* hard…since I became a singleton I find them them the time I’m most vulnerable to feeling blue, and it’s worth the effort to brighten them with a gathering of other people, especially in winter.

    As always, I want to say how much I love your blog. I don’t have time to read as many blogs as I used to, but yours always sticks. Thanks again for taking the time to put your thoughtful voice out there.

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