2 thoughts on “My Latest Bookslut Essay

  1. Great review. Makes me want to reread MFK Fisher.
    I wanted to like Deborah Madison’s book but I was offended by the way eating alone was viewed as either indulgent, involuntary and just plain strange. I grew up in a fish sticks, mac & cheese, iceberg lettuce kind of home, and learned to cook in my thirties, from books. It’s taken me a decade to realize most recipes are too big for a childless couple with no family nearby – it’s not just singles that find grocery stores & recipes oversized. I’m going to stretch Judith Jones’s book to help me cook better for my husband and I!

  2. The Jones is a delight — really one of my favorite books of the year. And I SO wanted to like the Madison more, but yeah, the whole conceit that being alone must be a sentence of some sort … well, it was disappointing.

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