Turn off the TV!

Turn off the TV!

Turn off the TV!

Warning — Rant ahead.

Here’s the LivingSmall call to action — turn off your TVs. Don’t give them the ratings push they think they’re going to get. Don’t buy into the propaganda, the hysteria, the doublespeak of it all. There they were last night, all those “anchors” and reporters and just look at them! The excitement in their eyes. The thrill of it all. It’s started! It’s finally started and they get to go off and play with their new toys, get to watch things explode, get to stand on the deck of the aircraft carrier while the planes take off. I get this. I’m a person who jumps up and down like a five-year-old over firecrackers, for goodness sake. I’m a person who thought the air show over the San Francisco Bay during Fleet Week was about the most exciting, seductive, frightening thing I’d ever seen. And yes, since I got access out onto the pier, I’ll admit, the Navy pilots were incredibly sexy and attractive. But that doesn’t make it right to succumb to that kind of thrill seeking. So fuck you Mr. President and fuck the networks and CNN and all the rest of you. I’m not watching. I’m not being sucked in by your shameless propaganda.

This from my friend in Washington DC: “Here in the real world of homeland insecurity, there are fighter jets circling overhead day and night, not to mention Marine 2 shuttling Cheney look-alikes to and from their undisclosed locations at CAMP DAVID hint hint….Phony presidential motorcades scream through the city to confuse the enemy. Meanwhile a deranged tobacco farmer drives his John Deere into a decorative pond a hundred yards from the White House, and holds all 38 discrete protective agencies at a standoff for 48 hours.
But we’re not worried, we’ve got duct tape.”

What? Is there no end to their arrogance and delusion? Fake motorcades? Give me a break. At least behave with a little dignity if you’re going to start this stupid war. Who do you think you are, Sadaam Hussein with your look-alikes?

Via the cooler head of Jeanne at Body and Soul, I highly reccommend this terrific article by Wallace Shawn — this quote just might become the LivingSmall motto:
Sure, it’s been great, the life of comfort and predictability. But imagine how it would feel if we could be on a path of increasing compassion, diminishing brutality, diminishing greed–I think it might actually feel wonderful to be alive.

And if amid all this craziness today, if in order to get the sight of Ari Fleisher’s condescending asshole newsconference out of your head (okay, I turned the TV on, but I was looking for my new favorite show, BBC America’s Ground Force, where a pack of charming English people transform the garden of some worthy person in two days, not Ari-dickwad-Fleisher) you might want a little laugh, you could always go check out this very funny interpretation of the Dept. of Homeland Defense’s warning signs.

(So I wonder if I have enough keywords here to trip the John Ashcroft Big Brother sensors off. If so, fuck you too, assholes.)

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