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Month: October 2004

Seventh Inning Stretch?!

Seventh Inning Stretch?!

What happened to “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”?! When did we get “America The Beautiful” instead? I realize I’m only a post-season fan, and I realize that we’re “at war” but what the hey? Who wants to stand up and stretch to the pious strains of “America The Beautiful”? If you’re going to switch songs how about something with at least a little oomph to it like “This Land Is Your Land”?


And LivingSmall is officially endorsing:
the Red Sox (when the Cubs are out, all Cubs fans default to the Red Sox)
John Kerry/John Edwards
Brian Schweitzer
Tracy Velasquez
Sam Francis
Dick Murphy
Brant Robey
Bob Ebinger

Go out and Vote. Drive your neighbors to the polls.