Well This Completely Sucks!

Well This Completely Sucks!

Off we went tonight on our fabulous walk — we got to the bluff at the end of Clark Street where we cross over the creek into the dog park, and I let the dogs off their leashes and they went bouncing down the hill and through the creek and I was all set to follow them BUT THERE WAS NO BRIDGE!

The little bridge that someone had built out of a construction truss, and had balanced on two hunks of log set into the bank — IT WAS JUST GONE! GONE!

I had to call the dogs back — they were totally confused. They kept looking at me from teh far bank like “Hey? What’re you doing?”

I am so upset. I know it wasn’t “official” — I know it wasn’t “safe” — but it was a perfectly good little bridge over the creek. And now it’s GONE.

I don’t know what I’m going to do — walking the other way around by the road sucks because it’s not as pretty, people drive too fast to let the dogs off the leash, and it’s just enough farther that I don’t want to go that way. Maybe I’ll go find a bunch of big river rocks tomorrow and chuck them in the creek to see if I can at least make stepping stones to go across (that’s going to be fun when it gets icy). I just can’t believe that my perfect little fitness program has been destroyed by some officious city type who decided out perfectly good little bridge was unsafe. I’m very grumpy …

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