LivingSmall Renovation Challenge

LivingSmall Renovation Challenge

So, after three years of avoiding it, I’m finally tackling the bathroom. Part of the reason I’ve been avoiding the bathroom renovation, is that there are just too many things to buy and too many decisions to make when renovating a bathroom. Some decisions were easy — the ceiling fan for example, but other decisions were more of a challenge. I mean, on the one hand I want it to look nice, but really — does the universe need so many styles of towel bars? To say nothing of tile — what kind of tile? pattern? shape? chair rail or bullnose? what color grout?

What color grout? Oh my goodness — grout has colors? And I have to choose one?

Eventually I found stuff. It was a challenge. I didn’t want to spend excessive amounts of money. I didn’t want some fancy bathroom that didn’t look like it belongs in my 100-year-old house. I just wanted a nice little tiled bathroom, a bathroom that has good lights and towel bars and stuff, but really, a lot of the things in the catalogs seemed so overpriced, or too big for my tiny house, or just silly. I found some nice things — reproduction period lights, and decent towel bars, and a tile pattern I liked. And the MH, who in this context I guess I should refer to as the Mighty Contractor, is going to build me a medicine cabinet from some great trim he’s salvaged from other jobs, which solves one problem — the medicine cabinet problem. My shock at the concept of grout colors pales in comparison to my shock that there are people out there who feel that medicine cabinets should cost as much as my first car.

But it’s interesting, trying to walk that line between doing a nice job, and not cutting corners one is going to regret, all while resisting the urge to fall into the strange wormhole that is the home decor industry.

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