Three Whole Days …

Three Whole Days …

Stretching out before me. Glorious. I’m fried, and the prospect, now that I’ve turned off the work computer, of having three whole days ahead of me to putter in the garden, get back to my novel, and yes, get back on track with blogging is a glorious prospect.

I have tomatoes coming out my ears and I’ll be posting some pics. I just got a pressure canner so I might try putting up some salsa or tomatoes. I also just bought half a pig from my Milk Lady, which I’ll tell you all about. And I hear there’s some rain on the way, so maybe I’ll go up and look for some mushrooms. I also need to post photos of my ginormous broccoli with no heads — it’s a mystery. The plants are three feet tall but nothing that looks like a head — so my friend Wendy-the-Buddhist, who is also a biologist, and I pinched off all the apical buds a couple of weeks ago. We’re hoping at least for side shoots.

It’s been a lovely summer. My fake children were here for 2 months and have returned to LA for the school year — they put on two spectacular performances of Midsummer’s Night Dream, Lili and I sewed a skirt together as a project that was part of her eighth birthday present, and with any luck my flock of little girls will welcome a baby brother in January — we’re all looking forward to that sweet feeling of a little infant head on the collarbone — and Lili is looking forward to her younger sisters, the twins, learning what it’s like to be deposed by a new baby!

The dogs are on the mend — Owen’s completely out of all bandages and although he’s favoring the hurt leg still, he’s getting stronger by the day. Ray had a tooth pulled last week but seems to have recovered just fine (I can’t look — I’m afraid of teeth things). I think Ray in particular could use a good long run in the mountains this weekend.

But mostly I’m glad that good people fought so hard for us all to have the opportunity to rest at the end of the summer. The Corporate Job is going quite well these days, but the workload has been intense and I just need a wee break. So thank you good people of the labor movement. A break. A small rest at the end of a fun summer. Whew!

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