New Chickens!

New Chickens!

New chickens!

I was going to order from my new local feed store, but they didn’t realize they’d have to order really early, especially these days, and they called last week to say the hatchery had run out until May.

So I had to drive over the hill to Bozeman and take my chances. I called to see when their chickens were coming in, and although they told me Monday, they actually came in yesterday, which means that once again, I won’t be raising Arucanas. They were sold out by the time I got there. So, the luck of the draw this year is:

Two Black Star: 






Two Delaware: 





And two Blue-Laced Red Wyandottes: 




The latter are the only straight-run out of the bunch, meaning there’s a chance one of them might be a rooster.

This year, I decided to try putting them in the cold frame instead of the shed. The cold frame is right outside the back door, so it should be easy to keep an eye on them, and I can’t put plants in it for ages. So I built them a new cardboard house with a heat lamp until they get a little bigger:

So I’ll keep you all posted. My second set of chickens. The dogs are both keeping a very close watch on the cold frame!





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