Chicken Therapy for Dogs

Chicken Therapy for Dogs

Chicken Movie2 from Charlotte Freeman on Vimeo.

I’ve been meaning to post a chicken update, but I was a little behind the curve on the whole video thing. So here’s a short clip of the chickens, in their new, expanded nursery which is, as you can see, made from recycled cardboard. Eventually I want to just let them run around inside the cold frame, but they’re still so small, and there are some crannies in which I think a panicky baby chicken could get stuck.

The cold frame has worked out splendidly. It’s less drafty than the dog crate/tarp setup I used the last time, and when it gets too warm, I just crack the lid. So far, too warm has not been the problem. I hope these little guys can handle Montana, because so far they seem to have the temperament of sorority girls on spring break someplace warm. They like it hot in there. I’ve gone out in a panic when the thermometer has read 110 or even 112 thinking I had McNuggets, and they’re just basking out there.

On sunny days I’ve been taking the lid off altogether and covering them with a couple of heavy pieces of mesh that I found in my shed. That gives them all a little air, and keeps curious dogs out.

So far, so good. They’re growing like weeds, and even starting to try to fly a little bit!

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