Box of Fish Yesterday I

Box of Fish Yesterday I

Box of Fish

Yesterday I bought 25 pounds of salmon from a guy on the other side of town. He fished for it himself, in Alaska, and then had it processed, boxed, and shipped home where he sells it out of his house.

I love buying food from the person who actually produced it. I paid six bucks a pound, which seems like a bargain to have one of your neighbors go to Alaska and catch wild salmon.

So in my basement freezer is now enough fish for a year. Clean, wild, sustainably harvested salmon — salmon that never lived in a pen, didn’t eat horrible fishfood pellets filled with antiboitics, salmon that was never turned into a semi-domestic industrial product. Just wild salmon, caught by a guy with a boat.

Next I’m waiting to hear from the people who raise lambs. I’m either buying a lamb, or a 30-pound box of local, grass-fed beef. Then I won’t have to go to the grocery store — I can just shop the basement!

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