Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope

I ordered seeds today from Seeds of Italy and Cook’s Garden. I have a lot of seeds left from last year, many lettuces, the beans that never grew because they were eaten by bugs, the melon that didn’t make it, the eggplant that did, and three kinds of tomatoes. This year I’m branching out — I ordered two kinds of broccoli rabe from Seeds of Italy, as well as, gasp, five different tomatoes, some laccinato kale, an intriguing-looking egyptian beet, and a couple of chicories. I can’t say enough good things about Seeds of Italy — last year I ordered seeds from them and everything grew like mad. And tasted great. From Cook’s, I ordered two kinds of carrots, brussells sprouts, more beets, more kale, chard (two kinds) and a bunch of flowers.

Seeds are coming in the mail. Spring will come; I’ll plant my garden again, and somehow learn to live with the fact that I didn’t take Patrick’s keys away from him that last night at the Bar and Grille. I’ll grow flowers and things to eat and somehow learn to live without my only real family member. Summer will come and my garden will bloom again and I can sit under the apple trees and try to write this memoir about how Patrick and I saved one another, and hopefully by then, I’ll have some idea of how I’m going to save myself from this predicament. I can’t help but think that ordering and planting seeds can only be a big part of that salvation.

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  1. Spring will come, you will get your hands dirty, the seeds will grow – and I believe, C, that in that, there WILL be some salvation… Now I’d better order some seeds to welcome spring here to NJ….

  2. That lacinato kale Bill’s got grew like mad for me last year and held exceptionally well in both hot and cold weather. Thanks again for posting about Seeds from Italy last year; I hope this year’s garden holds even greater rewards for you.

  3. Hi, there —

    I just discovered your blog a week or so ago, while snowed in. I spent a day reading back entries until I understood the tragic loss of your dear brother. I can only say I am so sorry, and, having been through a very shocking loss of my own at a very unexpected age, I can say from experience that the pain does get easier to bear with time, it really does, but nothing will ever be the same, either. And I want to thank you for sharing your story somewhat publicly, here.

    I appreciate the link to Seeds from Italy; I am beginning to plan my own garden for this year, too.

  4. Thanks Kristi — I know time is the only answer, but I can’t help wishing I could fast forward through this muck.

    And really, Seeds of Italy is the best — everything grew like mad and tasted wonderful (and if you’re a tiny bit snobby like I am, it’s fun to have things in your garden that other people don’t have).

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