LivingSmall for Barack Obama

LivingSmall for Barack Obama

I haven’t figured out how to embed a YouTube video on my page yet (must go learn that) but check out this clip of Barack Obama’s victory speech in Iowa last night. It’s long, but it’s worth watching the whole thing.

I think either Hillary or Edwards would be perfectly good presidents, and certainly better than that man who currently resides in the White House — but neither of them inspires me in the least (and I’m really not crazy about putting all the old Clinton folks back in — in general, I believe life should go forward, not backward.)

And that’s what I love about Obama — he’s only a couple of years older than I am. I’m excited about having someone from my generation come to power. I’m excited about a truly multicultural president. I’m excited about Obama’s ideas and energy and his insistence that we are One America. I like the way he reminds us all we can be better, do better, achieve great things. I think a leader should be inspirational.

And neither Hillary nor John Edwards has ever made me weep the way I wept this morning watching Barack Obama in Iowa last night. What I saw was a man ready to lead, a man ready to take power and use it responsibly. What I saw was inspirational.

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