Catching Up ….

Catching Up ….

Here at LivingSmall we just flat-out ran out of gas last week.

A friend was killed in a wreck last Monday night — a heartbreaking event. So it’s been a week of phone calls and organizing the funeral (tomorrow) and I’ve got several batches of cupcakes to bake this afternoon.Yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting — in yellow-and-purple polka-dotted cupcake papers, and sprinkled with the brightest, multi-colored sugar hearts I found at Fancy Flours. I was in the bathtub the other day when I heard very clearly from the other side that someone wanted cupcakes. Linnea was a great big athletic woman, she was loud, and funny and loved bright colors. She had a heart as big as the state. She’s going to be missed. So no matter how mad I am at her for getting in that car, I’ll bake some cupcakes for her funeral.

But even before that phone call I was planning to take a couple of days off. I sort of hate to take vacation days when I don’t have a trip planned, but I was absolutely burned out. I took Friday off, and I’ve got today and tomorrow and it wasn’t until this morning that I even felt I could begin to think about writing anything. It’s been a long winter, and my job at the Big Corporation has been really intense. Not bad, just unrelentingly busy. And I’ve recast my book project yet again — as a novel — back to writing fiction. It’s been a great switch, and I had been having a great time writing it in the early mornings before work, but since I went to California a couple of weeks ago I just haven’t been able to get back in the saddle again.

Sometimes you just need to take a couple of days off, dink around the house, putter in the garden, read a novel or two, and just recharge the batteries. The sun has come out and although I wish this break was longer, after a couple of days, I’m starting to feel my energy come back.

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  1. Sheesh Katie — rub it in why don’t you? On the other hand, I’d hardly call staying home with two toddlers “vacation”!

  2. Charlotte, I peek at your blog from time to time–and felt my heart sink to read that your friend died. Ack–I’m so so sorry. I love your moment in the tub. Life is so f’ing weird. Glad you’re taking time for yourself. Next time you’re in CA, please email me if you’re up for it–I’d love to have dinner with you. You’re welcome to stay with us here by the beach, for a change of scenery, any time.


  3. Very sorry you and your community have had another death to deal with, Charlotte. Your “heart-felt” cupcakes were undoubtedly well-received and a fitting tribute to another good person gone too soon.

    May I raise my hand in support of Lisa’s suggestion for a local meet-up with some of your CA readers next time you’re in our area? I’m in Cupertino — reasonably close to Katie (and the Big Corporation 🙂 and it would be terrific to meet you and say thinks in person for the various bits of inspiration with which you have provided me over the time I’ve been a reader of your blog.

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