Winter Clothesline

Winter Clothesline

feb clothesline This is the first winter I’ve had a clothesline and I find I use it fairly often. If it’s sunny, and above freezing, I’ve been hanging things outside. Today is very windy, which is a bit of a challenge, but there they are, some clothes, getting dry without using my dryer. It’s a small thing, but makes me weirdly happy. (Plus the sheets smell so nice.)

6 thoughts on “Winter Clothesline

  1. Where’s the snow?! Is this a recent picture? Don’t you usually have a lot more snow than that at this point?

    Anyway, I was just saying to my wife how much I enjoy drying clothes on the clothes rack, inside. I really think I’ll put in a clothes line this spring.

  2. The Clothes Pin

    How much better it is
    to carry wood to the fire
    than to moan about your life.
    How much better
    to throw the garbage
    onto the compost, or to pin the clean
    sheet on the line
    with a gray-brown wooden clothes pin!

    — Jane Kenyon

  3. I am embarrassed that I can’t get past what the neighbors will think if I hang out my laundry. I’m already sure they look at my 15 year old car, garden raised beds and me watering outside with containers of saved running water to get it hot and think we are white trash or just plain crazy.

  4. Fly your freak flag high! Or actually, on a more practical note — my clothesline is on the fence in my side yard, plus I live in a town where most houses never tore theirs down. I have to admit that I like that my clothesline is relatively private, but on the other hand, like flying my American flag on holidays despite some of my lefty friends’ disapproval, I think we do need to let our undies fly in the wind as a sign that we’re not going to remain tethered to the power companies.

  5. Used the paths my dog created in the snow to get to my clothesline last Saturday. Just hung the sheets out, but it made the whole house smell good!

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