Return of the Sun

Return of the Sun

The sun has come back. We feel like pagans here in MyLittleTown, ready to thow a party and rejoice. We were not forsaken! The sun came back! It’s been light before seven in the morning and until nearly six at night. It’s like being let out of jail.

And so, because the evenings have not come slamming down at 4:30, and because it’s been sort of mild and pleasant out, I’ve fired up the grill again. My new friend Sabrina came for dinner mid-week, and I marinated some local lamb chops in yogurt, lime juice, olive oil and spices, then did them on the grill. And a couple of days later, I found a mystery package of elk round in the freezer and decided to see what I could do with it. I’ve learned over the past couple of years that thos vaccum bags that look like one piece of meat are often several smaller pieces, and that was the case here. Which was good because the whole thing would have been a lot, so as it was starting to thaw, I could separate it and put the sections I didn’t want yet back in the freezer.

Anyhow, marinated the elk in lime juice, chile powder, olive oil and a lot of salt and pepper, then grilled them on a very hot grill. I’m sort of a fanatic about mesquite charcoal — it’s the only thing that gets hot enough, and I hate hate hate the petroleum taste of briquettes.

At any rate, it was a great mid-week meal. A few slices of lovely medium-rare grilled elk, on some leftover saffron rice, with asparagus. It was pretty, it tasted good, and there was no clean up! So happy to have the grill back in play.

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