Sheltering in Place in the Time of Coronavirus

Sheltering in Place in the Time of Coronavirus

Watching all the posts about cooking, and starting seeds and hunkering down it occurred to me that not only am I particularly suited to this moment, I’ve been preparing for it for decades.

I never wanted to be right about something like this. I feared that our systems were brittle, that things would begin to fray around the edges, but I hoped it wouldn’t get to this point. And yet, here we are. The entire globe is shutting down for two? six? eight weeks? perhaps longer? How many years will it take us to climb back out of the economic hole this collapse will render?

And so, here we are, and it occurs to me that I have some resources to offer the world.

To begin, I have posts about starting seeds. Even if you’re living in an apartment, you can start some seeds in pots, and if you have more room, here’s an old post I wrote about Seed Starting: Step by Step. I started seeds at the lowest point of my adult life, that spring after my brother died, and it helped. Seeds, plants, the garden — not only does it give you a tiny sense of control over your life, but it gives you something to do with your hands.

And having something to do with one’s hands will keep us all off Twitter, and out of our heads, and might help slow the spin cycle of anxiety we’re living in.

I’m working on a book about surviving the implosion of my world when my brother Patrick died, a book with the working title Shelter in Place. So over the next little bit, I’ll dig out some old blog material, and give you all some sneak peeks at what I’ve made of it all.

We can do this. Things are going to change, but if there’s a silver lining, it’s that we’ll all remember that we need one another, that we are interdependent, that communities matter.

So stay home for now, and let’s all try to use this pause as a chance to reset.

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