5 thoughts on “Spring in Montana

  1. Arg, spring!! We’ve actually been lucky so far this year here in NY, where it usually plays such tricks. Last year we planted lots of seeds out just when it first got warm; this year we made ourselves wait (and you can guess which year got a hard freeze and some snow after the first warm days, and which year didn’t, can’t you?!).

  2. Alas, I feel your pain. Until moving to Massachusetts, I did not realize that spring is only a “season” in the South. North of the Mason-Dixon, spring seems to be less of a season and more of a private joke between the sun and the sky that the rest of us don’t quite get.

    Noticed that you’ve been (trying to) read Gilead. I know it’s slow-going, but I hope you get a chance to finish it. It’s my favorite novel I’ve read in a long time.

  3. Actually, I *love* Gilead — which is why it’s taking me so long to get through it. It’s not a book you can just zip through — I’m waiting for a nice peaceful afternoon to finish it when I can savor the gorgeous language.

    As for the garden — the spinach and arugula seem to be semi-frost-proof, which is cool. It was snowing off and on in fits today, but the worst was the gale-force winds (for which we’re famous) that kicked up about three this morning. They gave me anxiety dreams!

    Then this afternoon I went down to walk the dogs by the river, and there was a great big old Bald Eagle fishing — cruising up and down the river with the weird backlit almost-budding cottonwoods, and big dark storm clouds over the Crazy Mountains. I *really* can’t complain!

  4. Sounds like spring in Vancouver — 80 degrees in February and now in April the snow line is down lower than it has been since January.

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