Friday Links …

Friday Links …

Since I seem to have lost the day to a series of lighting fixtures I put up (don’t even ask about the screw with the stripped threads, and the hacksaw, and the swearing …), here’s some Friday Links to keep everyone entertained:

Had lunch today with another Livingston Blogger: Go check out Livingston, I presume

Found an interesting piece over at Ethicurean on the sort of small meat processers that we depend on around here. I’m planning to buy a lamb this fall from my dog groomer, and without Sheep Mountain Processing, I’d be sunk. Check out Postcards from Cowboyland 

The Real Dirt on Farmer John released on June 22. I caught this documentary on PBS one night last spring and just about fell off the couch. I know that guy! When I was an undergrad at Beloit College he threw wild parties out on his farm (vague flashbacks of a front end loader with the bucket up in the air and full of college kids, a bonfire, and a bunch of us in the silo pretending to be John Cage and making a racket). There’s a good article about the movie, book, and organic farm over at The Sustainable Table The movie is terrific — southern Wisconsin has some of the most fertile soil in the world — a gift from the last ice age glaciers, and there’s one heartbreaking scene where a farmer is looking across the fields to a new subdivision and he says, with tears in his eyes: “They’re pouring concrete in that dirt.” Killed me. Just killed me.

Marion Nestle has started a blog, appropriately called What to Eat. It’s fabulous, and full of great info — if you haven’t checked out the book by the same name, you really should.

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