Max? Whose Side Are You On, Anyway?

Max? Whose Side Are You On, Anyway?

I haven’t written about politics in a while, but this health reform debate is making me froth at the mouth. I’ve called Baucus’s office so many times that I think I’m on the “crazy lady” list.

First off, the idea that we’re going to have a public mandate with no public option is insane. Why on earth should we give huge subsidies of public money to the insurance companies who have done nothing but openly rip us all off for decades? A public mandate with no public option to keep them in check is simple collusion. Thanks Max. I guess we know now why they gave you all that money.

Second, this is Montana. I don’t know anyone (including myself at this point) who has insurance through a job. Wait, my friend Jennifer is a public schoolteacher. She gets insurance. Other than that everyone else I know is self-employed: writers, artists, carpenters, fishing guides, small business owners, ranchers. None of us can get anything other than the crappiest, high-deductible, won’t-cover-you-if-you-do-get-sick insurance. One writer friend of mine bankrupted himself last year paying for his girlfriend’s care as she died of cancer. She had insurance, but that 80/20 deductible, well there wasn’t any cap on the 20%. I’ve got power of attorney for my mother, who has nothing, who lives on social security, and who is still getting hounded by a hospital for a 10 year old surgical emergency (that coincided with her boss dropping insurance for the employees of his small company). Baucus clearly doesn’t give a rats ass about his actual constituents, but why should he when all of his campaign money comes from insurance companies and big Pharma?

I’ve never been one of those people who dismiss politicians by saying “they’re all bought and paid for …” but I have to say, Baucus’s behavior on this matter has nearly pushed me to that edge. I’ve called and called and called and all I ever get is a mealy-mouthed form letter. He was in the state for almost six weeks this summer and refused to meet with his constituents. He’s totally sold us out.

I hate to say it, but if the Republicans run anyone even remotely reasonable against Max next time, I might have to cast my first Republican vote ever.

4 thoughts on “Max? Whose Side Are You On, Anyway?

  1. I can’t comment on Montana’s politicians but I wholeheartedly agree with the rest of your post. Central Oregonians are nearly all in the same position: either they own or work for small companies, or they’re farmers/ranchers, or they telecommute (like me). I’m a contractor and don’t get a dime of health insurance… I am absolutely livid about the requirement for universal coverage w/o a public option. I think they’re just BEGGING people to lie to the government. Can’t you see a company forming that offers “health insurance” that is really only catastrophic coverage ($1 million deductible, let’s say), for $50/month? Yeah.

  2. Feelin’ your pain there! I had the willies the whole time just knowing that something like this was coming down the pike. It’s the sickest type deal they could come up with. REQUIRING us to pay a corporation for the privilege of living.

    It is just sick.

  3. Yeah, Baucus is a total sell-out. I pledged never to vote for him again after he voted for the bankruptcy bill of 2005 and I’ve held to that. However, that doesn’t mean I vote for the Republican. I leave it blank. After all, for as much as Max is execrable, at least he agrees that SOMETHING needs to be done. As far as the Republicans seem concerned, the healthcare system is totally fine. After all, they have their guaranteed awesome healthcare for life–what’s the problem? Getting some Conrad Burns wannabe in there is not going to help things at all, and for as much as I rag on Max, he’s still better than the Senate Republicans who are trying to block even Max’s feeble plan.

  4. So true Nicole — I doubt I could really pull the lever for one of those guys, but I’m so angry. On the other hand, I’m hearing stirrings that Schweitzer might run against Max — that could be interesting …

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