Getting Over Coffee Snobbery

Getting Over Coffee Snobbery

For many years, I didn’t really drink coffee, but now that I live with someone who is very much not a morning person, and who introduced me to the decadent habit of having a cup of coffee in bed before rising, well, I am now a coffee drinker.

However, I am not not not a coffee snob. I find all the fussing repellant. As well as the mere idea of spending a gazillion dollars on a home expresso machine. Just seems showoffy, and if I want some foamy coffee thing, I’ll walk over two blocks and support a local business. We don’t have Starbucks here, which is good because their coffee tastes distinctively burned to me, and like Suzy Orman, I just think spending more than a buck fifty on coffee is ridiculous.

That’s why chez LivingSmall, our coffee of choice is Maxwell House French Roast — which comes in that big plastic container you see in the photo above. And there’s no fancy schmancy fussing around with brewing — we use a plain vanilla automatic drip coffee maker that can be set on a timer (although mornings when I’m home alone, I’ll use my French press, if only because I don’t need a ginormous pot).

I was never a grind-your-own beans sort of gal anyhow, mostly because I have a cheap ass coffee grinder, and I hate the noise. That is not a noise anyone should be subject to in the morning. Back in the old days when I’d go to France on occasion, I’d bring back packets of Cafe Noir — the basic supermarket coffee of France, because I love that medium-brown taste and texture. And for many years I drank French Market coffee — again, I liked the chicory edge, and it made this nice opaque cup of coffee. But I have to admit, until I started hanging out with the Sweetheart, it would never have occurred to me to even try the big brands. To my surprise, Himself was right, this is a great coffee, for a great price. It makes a nice strong cup with good body, but it’s not too acidic or bitter — I don’t get that feeling that a hole is being burned in my stomach (the reason I drank only very strong tea for many years). And it’s cheap! A 2 pound container usually runs between nine and twelve dollars, depending on store specials. I was paying the same for Costco coffee, and frankly, I like this better (and don’t have to drive to Bozeman if we run out).

The only problem is those big plastic containers, but since Himself is a contractor, they go in the shed to be filled with hardware, or used as paint containers. So even they go to good use.

So there it is, my confession of low-grad former coffee snobbery, and how I got over it. I’m sure this means I’ll be permanently barred from ever moving to Seattle or Portland!

5 thoughts on “Getting Over Coffee Snobbery

  1. I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of my dear Miss Silvia and her brother Rocky. 🙂 They appear to have gone massively up in price since we bought them, though. I don’t think I could swing a thousand dollars for coffee machines. That’s nuts. But I’m sure it would have cost more to go out and buy coffee. And it’s more fun to make it for each other. (My sweetie learned to pour the milk froth to make little heart designs. Oh, that’s the kind of fussy I can deal with…)

  2. I enjoy coffee at our local coffee shops, too, but at home we have gone back to Maxwell House after years of trying more price-y coffee. Just not worth it for home-brewed, and not much better tasting. We also like CoffeeTime and Tim Horton’s coffee, but can only get them on trips to Canada.

  3. I am hard pressed to find a coffee I don’t like. I like Starbucks but it is too expensive for an everyday coffee. Even their brew at home coffee you buy at the store is too expensive. For a long while our house coffee was the 100% Arabica Wal Mart brand in the vacuum packed bricks. It was cheap and good. After getting a Sam’s club card we are now using Foldger’s classic roast. The coffee is good and the large plastic canisters are just the right size for a 5lb bag of flour.

  4. i think there is a lot of coffee snobbery out there but I have to say at the moment I’m mired in guilt due to lack of work i’m buying the cheapest expresso at my local discouter store (Lidles) which isn’t Fairtrade. When I’m in the money I always opt for Fairtrade because knowing that the people who grew it got a better deal makes me feel better.

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