Dreaming of English Desserts

Dreaming of English Desserts

Spring arrived this weekend –real spring — sunny and 60 one minute, cloudy and 40 and raining the next. I broke out the clothesline again (does anything┬ásmell as good as sheets dried on the line?)

But this is not one of my many paens to the clothesline — this is a post about berry bushes.

Because this weekend I planted berry bushes. I planted three gooseberries, four red lake currants and five bare-root raspberries (sticks, basically). I also planted a grapevine in the hot stony place off my porch where I’m hoping it will grow up the trellis eventually.

I’m dreaming of Summer Pudding, and Gooseberry Fool — although with the rate at which things grow here in the high desert, those are probably two or three years off.

But a girl can dream ….

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